Monday, May 11, 2015


As my last post had stated, I feel that my 20 time was quite the failure. It doesn't hurt me too much to say this because I just don't think I truly committed to this project. I think I was too busy looking for a way to be amazing, that I never actually stopped and asked myself if I liked it.

My commitment to this project was most likely one of my biggest flaws. I always found myself doing the bare minimum for this project because I just wasn't interested enough. I think that when I was looking for a project to do I was always looking for something out of this world. I wanted to change the way people viewed everything but I never took into consideration how much work that'd take. I never really stopped to think if this was going to be something I'd truly commit to. I think that I would have been more content with a simpler project, like bringing in cookies every Friday and handing them out to random people to make their day.

A part of me wishes I would have taken better advantage of this project and the time I was given. I wish I would have tried a little harder. But, even when I think that I wanted to try harder the other part of me says that I would have then needed to give up something. I definitely learned about myself that I have commitment issues. Currently, I try to do everything, but when I'm doing everything I can only do so much in each one. That means that everything is not being done to the fullest. So, I think that I learned that I need to start picking and choosing my battles and stick to them.

This project has helped me learn some things about myself and I have definitely have taken them into consideration. I think I will now continue to do my best and commit more.

Till next time,
Emma Russell

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