Sunday, March 22, 2015

I have post #10

I have noticed that so many people are lost in the idea that Detroit, Michigan is the most awful place. In that idea, the people who are thriving in Detroit are neglected to be seen or heard. They become lost amongst the only things some can see, a gritty, hopeless place. So, what I am going to do is show everyone that Detroit is not the place that gritty, hopeless place.

I am going to incorporate my two favorite things into this project to help change the initial thought of Detroit. My two favorite things being writing and photography. I am going to take a more photojournalistic angle. I am going to attempt to tell a story in every picture that I take. What I imagine currently is a more candid picture, people hard at work.

My mentor for this project is my dad, he is very motivated about this idea so I think that will help me stay on task and motivated. We are going to set up dates to go into Detroit and explore. What I plan to do is get in contact with places that make people see Detroit less like a hopeless city.

One day my art teacher had put up a picture of Detroit and we talked about it. She explained the person who took it as a motivated entrepreneur. And then went on to say that Detroit is one of the best places for entrepreneurs to go. So, my point is that that is what I want people to see. I want them to see a thriving Detroit.

I have couple ideas for where I am going to go, I just need to get in contact with them. There is the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in which I'd like to try to do something with that. I also know of a little coffee house down in Detroit called the Motor City Java House. They are a very good example of how a small company can thrive downtown. The coffee house also invests time in teaching people little tips and tricks about the process of putting themselves in the game. Another place is Bell Isle. The city has been working so hard to fix the island up that I think there'd be some great picture opportunities.

I have a break coming up soon so I will be able to get lots done then. If anyone has ideas of how to change the view of Detroit to a more positive one, comments would be much appreciated!

Till next time,

Emma Russell

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