Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog post #8

With the project that I chose, there is only so much that I am able to do when not in school. Last week was break and I didn't go to school the Friday before so, I wasn't able to take any pictures. This leaves me with not much to talk about, but I do have a couple ideas that I thought of over my break.

I plan to talk to the swim coach to see if I am able to shoot some pictures of the swimmers during their practice. I will also be staying after school a lot this week so then I will be able to find more pictures. I have to get in order the years that I've looked through and figure out how many pictures I want to take for each year. I am also going to try to get in contact with the head of the Mother's Club to see if they have any pictures or suggestions. I also think I should broaden my horizon more and explore other books that contain photos of the school from the past.

Till next time,
Emma Russell

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