Sunday, February 8, 2015

Facing the facts…

This process is all easy up until I'm looking at a bunch of blank faces waiting for me to direct them. It's easy up until the time is quickly slipping from my fingers like water in a strainer, there's no way to cover all the holes. And when I start to feel rushed I forget to stop and think. I get lost and stressed and I forget everything I planned the night before. So, I really need to perfect being a director to all these blank faces. I need to because I keep coming home feeling satisfied with the work I had done and then I download the pictures and start scrolling. It's making me frustrated that I can't go back in time and just step over an inch and tilt the camera up more a little more. Cropping can only go so far for these pictures. And after I've done everything I possibly could, my satisfaction rarely ever returns. This aggravates me. I really need to work on paying attention to every little detail. At first you think it's easy, but when you're the only one and every one else is clueless (not literally but partly) it's stressful. Especially with a limited amount of time to direct these blank faces. Hopefully, practice makes perfect in this case.

I've also realized this project isn't really doable outside of school. I mean yes I can do some parts outside of Mr. Provenzano's room but, I really depend on the time we have on Friday to work. So, I must work diligently with the limited time that I'm given.

I've gotten a couple more pictures done. I'm very happy to have completed them, but not so happy with how they look. I'm a perfectionist. I need them to be that exact angle and I can't manage to get it. I also figured out that having an extra person with me to direct all the "models" makes the process much easier on myself. I can focus a little better, but I still do need work on what I explained above.

I also need to keep looking for pictures and figure out my angle in doing this project. When I say my angle I mean that I need to truly figure out what my message is. I'm thinking the message I'm trying to get across is the change in society. The change between students, what they wear, how they act. I also want to show how far this school has come. I want people to see why we are so excellent. But, in order to do this I need to perfect my angle. I need to figure out a way to differentiate these pictures. A way for you to easily see. I want you to say, "Oh wow look at how these kids dress compared to the 1960's!" I don't think I've fully achieved that goal so, there's yet another thing to work on. 

I plan to do research on how people have done this in the past. This is going to get harder. And I'm trying my best to embrace that.

Till next time,
Emma Russell

This picture was taken in 1967

This picture was also taken 1967

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