Sunday, November 23, 2014

Blog Post #3... YIKES

So, I'm still on the hunt for pictures. I think I want about 30 pictures, which feels like a lot, but also feels manageable. It's a little overwhelming when I start to look at the grand scheme of things. It's scary in some ways, but I think that's what makes me exited to do it.

I think that the hardest part is going to be reenacting these pictures and having to find the right angle. My models are just going to have to be very patient people, I guess. I want a certain kind of photo. I'm being picky and I see how being picky may be a bad way to go about this project. Although, in doing so I'll find good pictures, or at least I hope so.

One picture I saw was this one of a boy and two girls working in the old greenhouse here at South. It's perfect timing for this picture because the greenhouse was just redone over the summer. It'll be cool to show what it looked like back then to how it looks now. Also to show the differences between how the greenhouse was used to now. There's also awesome pictures of pep assemblies and I think those will be fun to try and reenact.

I also am considering making an Instagram or Twitter for this project. It most likely will happen, just not so sure when. Maybe after Thanksgiving break. Hmmm... we'll see, I'll put it out in one of my posts when I do.

Till next time,
Emma Russell

Sunday, November 16, 2014's blog post #2 already

So, my project hasn't exactly "taken lift off" yet. This is probably because I'm still searching for pictures. I've been staying after school to look through the old Towers, and because I'm a part of the Tower staff, that makes things much easier. The Tower is our school newspaper for those of you who have no idea what I mean when I say the Tower. Anyway, I think I'd vote this the most boring part of my project. Although it can be easily argued as the most interesting.

Now, I say the most boring part because I have to sit in a quiet room after hours looking through the old publications. And while I search, I must hold my eye lids open just to continue on. Keep in mind that I had already spent my day before hand sitting in various rooms with each one filled with the same thing. Inspirational posters, paper, pencils, people (too many if you ask me), and the worst of all, the voice of a teacher. If that doesn't make you want to sleep then I don't know what will. My brain can only stay on for so long until I find myself slipping into a deep sleep, or worse, A TOTAL MELTDOWN. Sometimes when I don't eat enough food, or don't have enough sleep, or even both, I just crash. So, imagine having to stay after school looking through a bunch of old newspapers packed full of words, and occasionally, a picture will appear.

BUT, I did say that it can be easily argued as the most interesting. I love looking into the past. I find it so interesting how people once thought that this or that was cool. The language back then has totally and completely evolved into this ugly slang that us Americans think is okay. Like when people are always like this and like I don't like understand like why. Or when people say OMG she did not just do that to me. Or LOL girl you are so funny that I am ROTFL. Honestly, who came up with those ideas, it is just sad. Although, I do admit to sometimes using the slang (well more like all the time, but that's not important...).

My Spanish teacher always brings up silly things that the people in Spain think we do. One time, we were watching a video in class, and in the video, the mom from Spain was making piles of food for this American person for breakfast. She was doing this because they believe in a stereotype that us Americans eat A LOT of food for el desayuno (breakfast). Whereas for them, all they eat for breakfast is a piece of toast and a quick sip of coffee. And, may I add that this video was made by the Spanish book. Meaning the people who wrote the book. So, they are like super official and to have them think makes me a little worried. What if they're trying to send out a message to us teens?!

Well, all I know is that it truly is sad. We've neglected to acknowledge that we have lost our elegance and have gained pounds of stupidity. I know it seems harsh to say, but I think I'm just angry at the fact that we've let ourselves resort to such shameful things because it's easier. Oh well, I won't worry my precious little mind about it, as most adults would say. Anyway I'm very much excited to explore the differences of this extraordinary school.

Till next time,
Emma Russell

Monday, November 10, 2014

I've figured it out...I think...

After hours of contemplation I finally came to realize that my idea was right in front of me. I love photography. It is something that I am constantly doing, whether it's snapping a quick pic. of where I am or an actual planned out photo shoot. I am also in a photography class. My dad is into photography, as well, so we are constantly comparing our pictures like its a competition. I guess you could say I'm surrounded by photography with little way to hop off that train. Although, I'd like to note that I enjoy it. I don't for a second not love taking a picture of some random wrapper that was once ugly and I turned it into something interesting. That's what I love about photography you can look at something that people neglect to notice and use it as a symbol, and somehow it makes sense with just a tweak of the angle.

So for my project, I am going to dig up old pictures that were taken in the school of Grosse Pointe South and recreate them as if it were in this period of time. What I have to do is go into the archives of the school and find pictures from a while back that would be worthy of being included in this book. This requires me to talk to women on the Mothers Club, Mr. Provenzano had directed me towards them because they have a lot of old pictures. I'm also going to talk to the people on the Tower to see if I could rummage through their old newspapers to find any nice pics that they grabbed.

I think that I may write little things to go along with each picture or maybe add silly titles to make it a touch more unique. I don't want my project to end up being something that everyone sees, I'd like there to be a difference between it and others. I want to steer away from being normal and focus on thinking outside of the box. I want it to be hard, because if it isn't then I will feel like I failed. I think that the point of this project is to push yourself even if there's a possibility of failing. You must take a risk, it's almost like a life lesson.

In order to bring in a little more of a challenge I'm going to look deeper into the pictures to find grandparents who went here and then use their grandchildren in the newer picture. I was also considering finding teachers who teach here at South that used to attend this school. I'd find a picture of the teacher as a student and then take a picture of them teaching. It'd give one a look at how fast times slips away.

I'd like to finish off this first blog post by saying that I am more than just exited to have the privilege to do this project. I know it sounds cheesy or like I'm trying to kiss up to my teacher for a good grade on this post, I mean if it helps, it helps. But I'm saying this because I want to track my mood throughout the whole project. I think it'd be interesting to see the ups and downs of the project and compare with others. I may also be creating an Instagram for this project, not quite sure when though, most likely soon.

I'll keep in touch,
Emma Russell